Shoji Doors

Shoji doors are elegant. If you would like to add a feature or give your room a tasteful new look, a shoji will do just that.

Without making the room look smaller they enhance the ambience by allowing a filtered light to come through. This is achieved by using fine timber frames and acrylic insert panels. As Shoji Doors are two sided, they are perfect for dividing rooms without compromising on style.

Sliding Doors

Operating on a track system, custom made to your specifications.

Fixed Wall Partitions

Fixed dividers that provide privacy and flexibility.

Retractable Translucent Doors

Operating on a track system over a large space.

Cavity Sliding Doors

Operating on a track system to cover a wardrobe, storage space or some kind of cavity.

Bi-Fold Doors

Two, four or more attached screens operating on a track system


Provides a softer light on traditional alternatives at a lower price.

Hinged Doors

Classic door designs that can be used internally as an entry to a room.

Bi-Fold Free-Standing Screens

Three or more attached screens offering portable privacy.

Tasmanian Oak

Native to Tasmanian and belonging to the Eucalyptus family Tasmanian Oak maintains long, straight veins with a soft honey colour. Perfect for timber furniture, fittings and design pieces.

Tasmanian Oak | Shoji | Trimline Improvements

New Guinea Rosewood

A medium sized hardwood found across South East Asian. With a intricate vein running through the timber as well as a dark and rich colour it is a perfect base to start your design.

New Guinea Rosewood | Shoji | Trimline Improvements

Standard Range

Tasmanian Oak

A softer, light brown timber that captures the light.

Black Lacquer

A dark coating used in Traditional Japanese designs.

New Guinea Rosewood

A straight grain timber combing dark and light hues.

White Lacquer

A white coating used in Traditional modern look.

Optional Extras

Brown Brushbox

An example of classic Australian timber with a brown finish.


A medium brown finish that highlights a straight grain.


A rich bronze coating with an intricate and engaging grain.

Pink Brushbox

Highlights a straight grain through a rich reddish brown tint.

Dark Walnut

A rich dark brown finish that looks almost black from a distance.


A softer finish on the traditional Japanese Black Lacquer with hints of grey throughout.

Standard Range

Japanese Rice Polycarbonate

The standard insert applied to all designs unless otherwise specified

Lotus Acrylic

Resembling a double sided frosted matt the Lotus insert is 80% translucent

White Lotus Acrylic

Similar to Lotus Acrylic, however with 50% translucency and a whiter appearance.

Optional Extras

Opal Acrylic

Mimics traditional rice paper with a fibre pattern and is 80% translucent.

Frost Ice Acrylic

Deigned to give the effect of a frosted matt finish on one side and a gloss on the other. This insert is 80% translucent.

Ice Acrylic

Designed to look like frosted glass with 80% transparency.

Clear Acrylic

A completely transparent insert that is still able to provide a traditional look and style.

Pearl Acrylic

Designed to mimic traditional rice paper with a fibre pattern and is 50% translucent.

Light Block

Designed to offer no transparency and block out light with an opaque finish.

Design suggestions & technical drawings

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