Trimline Improvements Operable Wall

Operable Walls

An operable wall is the ideal choice if you want to use a larger space for a dual purpose. They allow you to divide a room using panels that – when sealed – perform better at reducing noise than a standard wall. With a wide range of finishes, the operable wall is a stylish and modern way of dividing a room.

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Shoji Door | Trimline Improvements

Shoji Doors

Shoji doors are elegant. If you would like to add a feature or give your room a tasteful new look, a shoji will do just that. Without making the room look smaller they enhance the ambience by allowing a filtered light to come through. This is achieved by using fine timber frames and acrylic insert panels. As Shoji Doors are two sided, they are perfect for dividing rooms without compromising on style.

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Accordion Door | Trimline Improvements

Accordion Doors

Accordion Doors are the perfect solution for spaces where a quick acoustic or visual barrier is needed. The versatile, easy to operate Soundguard Acoustic Accordion doors are the most effective sound rated accordion doors in Australia.

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Concertina Doors

The non-acoustic Vinylcloth Concertina Door is an affordable, sturdy and compact door perfect for dividing a room or closing off an area in your home.

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