Shoji Screens

Shoji Screens

Screens may slide on either single, double or triple tracking systems with preference for bottom “v” tracks in either matching timber or powder coated aliminium. Top hung tracking is an option if floor tracks are not allowed for.

Face Mount Sliding

Bi-Parting and single face mounted screens may be fitted with either to hung or bottom track systems.

Cavity Sliders

Bi-Parting and single cavity sliders may be fitted with either to hung or bottom track systems.


Where screens cannot be used in the prefferred sliding option they may be folded back to either one or both sides of the opening, using a top hung hinge and pivot system. More than 2 x Panels are folded together which usually requires a guide track in the floor.


Screens can be made to hinge but do require wider than usual stiles and rails to allow for a full mortice and tenon join, which also allows for locks and handles to be fitted

Free Standing

Screens may be hinged together for free standing situations.

All Shoji Screens are individually made to measure to suit your requirement. Screens may be as high as 3000mm and as wide as 3600mm. Large screens are often assembled on site to make transporting and delivery possible.


Lacquered 30% gloss on hardwoods




Also available is black and white, with lacquered 30% gloss for the same price

Optional Extra Stained Hardwood

Shoji Finishes

Default panel is Rice Opal (2mm thick fibreglass with fibre look). Alternate insert panels are:

  • Lotus
  • Eclipse (light block out)
  • Ice
  • Paper Frost
  • Paper Moon
  • Cloud
  • Rain
  • Linen