Products Concertina Doors, Operable Walls & Shoji Screens

A user friendly way to divide larger rooms such as School class rooms, Conference rooms etc. Where a sound barrier is required and constant opening and closing is no problem. No floor track is required.
A single walled door finished in vinyl (see Vinylcloth colour range), suitable for dividing smaller areas such as laundries, bedrooms or bathrooms, as well as standard doorways where a hinged door does not work. These doors are very compact when folded back.
Panels up to 1200mm wide and 3600mm high for dividing larger areas such as conference venues, School classrooms, theatres etc. Walls can have optional extra’s such as pin boards and white boards with pen rails built into them. A large range of finishes and colours are available (see Operable Walls page). Pass doors (built as panels) are advised if constant opening and closing is required.
Following the design of the traditional Japanese door, Australian made Shoji Doors allow soft light to transmit through their translucent panels. Each door is custom made from lacquered hardwood in clear/black and white lacquer and are installed professionally with a 5 Year Guarantee. Most Shoji Doors slide, but they can also be bi-folded, fixed or free standing. Enhance your Home, Office or Shop with a touch of Elegance.