Operable Walls

Operable Walls
Full Height Pass Door

Full height pass door is the most common option, which will also provide an access through the wall. The door is hinged off an adjustable aluminium jamb at one end. However, with a side and remote stacking option, a full height door can be hung from another panel.

Expanding Panel

Expanding panel with a telescopic stile is another effective way of closing off the wall. With this option there is no access through the wall. A simple lever action activates the telescopic stile providing a 150mm opening, which is required to release other panels for stacking.

Centre Stack

This is the most common stacking arrangement. For extra stability, the panels are operated and hinged in pairs. With a full height pass door option, the door will open to one side of track only, not half-half, as with stacking of all othter panels.

Side Stack

The easiest way to operate panels as they are individually pushed along the track. All panels will stack to one side of the track as they are fed into side stack track.

Remote Stack

Similar to side stack, but panels are moved along the track to a remote stack away from the main track, (into a separate stacking bay, storage room etc).

  • Pin Boards
  • White Boards
  • Pen Holders
  • Concealed
  • Exposed
  • Bulkhead

Studded wall with gyprock either side as an S.T.C rating of 32. Operable walls S.T.C rating range from 41-45.



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